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CEM DT-619 Digital CFM CMM Thermometer Anemometer Vane Wind Velocity Air Flow Meter

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This is a brand new CEM DT-619 CE certified digital Thermo- Anemometer. This 2-in-1 meter measures the air flow / air velocity and the air temperature simultaneously. DT-619 has fast response, high accuracy design for the most demaning jobs. This device is a must have for measuring the wind speed (up to 108 Kmeters per hour) and air flow (up to 999.9 cubic meters per minute). The built-in thermometer measures the air temperature (up to 60 deg C) as the air speed is measured. DT-619 was designed to be used at home, office, factory or industrial building. This device operates on a 9V battery and is very portable due to its light weight.


* Highly sensitive and accurate
* Easy-to-use design
* 3 1/2 digit LCD display
* Type K sensor for temperature measurement
* Low power consumption
* Data hold and MAX hold function
* Low battery indication
* Display Air Flow or Air velocity with temperature simultaneously
* 20 points average for airflow
* Continuous moving average for up to 2 hours
* Low friction ball bearing vane wheel for high accuracy


Circuit Custom LSI microprocessor circuit

Measurement units

Air Velocity: m/s, ft/min, km/h, MPH, knots;
Air Flow: CFM(ft3/min), CMM(m3/min);
Temp: deg F & deg C


Display Type: LCD
Display Size: 42 X 54mm

Data hold

Freezes displayed reading


Air velocity sensor: conventional angled vane arms with low-friction ball bearing.

Temperature sensor

NTC-type thermo resistance

Sampling rate

1 reading per second approx.

MAX/MIN Memory

Record and view Maximum and Minimum readings

Automatic Power off

Auto shut off after 20 minutes to save battery

Operating Temperature

32 deg F to 122 deg F (0 deg C to 50 deg C)

Operating Humidity

MAX. 80%RH

Power Supply

9V battery
Battery Life: 100 hours approx.

Power current

Approx. 2.5mA DC


1.0 lbs(0.49kg) including battery & probe


Main instrument: 178 X 84 X 45mm
Sensor Head:70mm Diameter


Users manual ;
Protective rubber holster;
Vane sensor with 3.9ft(120cm) cable.


Range Basic Accuracy


0.4 ~ 3.0 3%


0.8 ~ 58.0 3%


1.4 ~ 108.0 3%


80 ~ 5900 3%


0.9 ~ 67.0 3%

Air Flow (CFM: ft3/min)

0 ~ 999.9

Air Flow (CMM: m3/min)

0 ~ 999.9

Temperature deg C

-10 ~ 60 +/- 2 deg C

Temperature deg F

14 ~ 140 +/- 4 deg F