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CEM DT-8890 Digital Differential Air Vapor Pressure Meter Gauge Manometer up to 5psi

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This is a brand new CEM DT-8890 CE certified digital differential pressure manometer. This top-of-the-line device features 11 selectable units of measurement, including psi, bar, kPa, mmHg etc. Additional features including Data Hold, Auto Power off, and an RS-232 interface for computer connection. A heavy duty carrying pouch is also included for the protection of the device and your convenience.


* Large dual LCD with back light
* Data hold
* Max / Min / Avg value with relative time stamp
* Zero adjust, offset and DIF function
* Low battery indication
* Auto power off
* RS-232 cable for uploading measurement data to the computer via its 9-pin serial port
* Optional Windows software is included for FREE (Note: the software is included AS IS. No software development kit or support available).


Accuracy + 0.3% FSO
Repeatability + 0.2% (Max, + 0.5% FSO)
Linearity + 0.29% FSO
Pressure Range + 5 PSI (+ 138.3 inH2O)
Units and resolution inH2O 0.1
psi 0.001
mbar 0.1
kPa 0.01
inHg 0.001
mmHg 0.1
ozin2 0.01
ftH2O 0.01
cmH2O 0.1
kgcm 0.001
bar 0.001