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CEM DT-3348 Clamp-on AC/DC Current Voltage Wattage Frequency Resistance Meter True RMS 240KW 1000 Amp

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This is a brand new CEM DT-3348 CE certified digital clamp-on AC/DC meter. The DT-3348 Professional True RMS Clamp Meter provides accurate AC/DC Current, Voltage and Wattage readings regardless of waveforms. This meter can be used in most industrial and commercial applications where non-linear loads distort the Current or Voltage waveform. This meter is CAT III 600V rated. It also measures frequency and resistance. It comes with a heavy duty carrying case to protect your device when working in the field.


* True RMS AC voltage and current
* DC and AC True power to 240kW
* 1.2” (30mm) Clamp digital display
* Electronic overload protection
* Continuity buzzer & Diode check
* Data hold function
* DCA zero function
* Auto power off
* Low battery indication
* AC/DC current
* Accessories: Test leads and Carrying case


Function Max Range Basic Accuracy Max. Resolution
AC Current 1000A ±(2.5%+5d) 1A
DC Current 1000A ±(3.0%+4d) 1A
AC Voltage 600V ±(0.8%+2d) 0.1mV
DC Voltage 600V ±(1.0%+4d) 0.1mV
Resistance (Ohm) 40M Ohm
±(1.0%+4d) 0.1 Ohm
Frequency (Hz) 100 KHz ± (1.2% + 3d) 0.01MHz
AC Power 240kW ±(3.0% + 5d) 10W
DC Powe 240kW ±(2.5% + 5d) 10W

* Dimensions: 229X 80 X 49mm

* Weight: 303g