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CEM LA-1017 Sun Power Solar Energy Sunlight Meter with DMM Digital Multimeter

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This is a brand new CEM LA-1017 industrial solar power meter. This solar metering device is used to measure solar (sunlight) power. This sunlight energy meter measures the solar power accurately in either Watts or BTUs. This meter also has DMM function integrated, which is useful in installing solar energy appliances. This meter is in compliance with the safety standard EN 61010-1 related to electronics measuring instruments.

This device is compact and portable. It comes with batteries included. This digital meter also comes with a heavy duty carrying pouch for your convenience.


* Sunlight power measurement up to 1999 watt/m2 or 634 BTU/(ft2*h)
* High accuracy and rapid response
* Data HOLD function to hold measurement value
* Unit display for easy reading
* Manual scale selection
* Direct reading without the need of adjustment
* Maximum and minimum vales
* Low battery indication
* Dual display for solar power reading and multimeter reading
* Auto ranging multimeter for Voltage, Current and Resistance measurement


* Operating temperature and relative humidity: 5 deg C to -40 deg C, =< 80%
* Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD with maximum reading of 1999
* Sampling time: about 0.25 sec
* Accuracy: +/- 10 Watt/m2 or +/- 3 BTU/(ft2*h) or 5% whichever is greater
* Battery: two AAA and one 9V
* DC voltage range: 200 mV to 600 V
* AC voltage range (50 - 60Hz): 2 V to 600 V
* DC current: 200 uA to 200 mA
* AC current: 200 uA to 200 mA
* Resistance: 200 Ohm to 20 MOhm
* Auto power off: about 15 minutes
* Size: 162mm x 74mm x 43mm
* Weight: about 280g