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DT-321S Digital Humidity Temperature Dewpoint Wet Bulb Meter 4-digit LCD NEW!!

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This is a brand new CEM DT-321S  certified digital Humidity and Temperature meter. DT-321S has fast response, high accuracy with dewpoint & wet bulb temperature measurement.

This device is a must have for storing your critical documents, optical equipments, antique and other valuables. It is also an ideal device for checking the perfect storing condition of your wine collections.

This device operates on a 9V battery and is very portable due to its light weight.

Feature Summary:

* Mini size
* Fast Response Time
* High Accuracy
* High Performance
* Max Hold and Data Hold Function
* Dual Display & Backlight
* Dewpoint & Wet Bulb Temperature


Key Specification:

Function Range Basic Accuracy
Humidity 0~100%RH ±2%RH
Temperature -30~100 deg C, -22~199 deg F ±0.5 deg C / 0.9 deg F
Dewpoint Temp. -30~100 deg C, -22~199 deg F ±0.5 deg C / 0.9 deg F
Wet Bulb Temp. 0~80 deg C, 32~176 deg F ±0.5 deg C / 0.9 deg F
Size(HxWxD): 255mm x 45mm x 34mm
Weight: 200g
Accessories: 9V battery