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CEM DT-178A 3-Axis Vibration DataLogger Accelerometer 4 Mb USB Shock Acceleration Data Logger

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This is a brand new DT-178A 3-axis vibration datalogger. This device records shocks and vibration on all three axis (X, Y, Z). The data is stored in the built-in 4 Mb flash memory ready for uploading to a computer later. This device uses the USB interface to ensure compatibility with your Windows PC. The DT-178A is engineered to record acceleration data of vibration. It records and time 3-axis vibrations with peaks to provide a history of shock and vibration conditions. It also records the time when freefall happens. It measures and computes real-time spectral data using an FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) from 0 to 60 Hz. This device is compact and portable. It comes with Windows software and battery.


* Records 3-axis shock
* Comes with built-in accelerometers
* Measures dynamic and static acceleration
* Comes with freefall detection mode
* Designed to handle real time operation and FFT
* Includes user settable trigger level
* Comes with high speed USB 2.0 interface


* Acceleration sensor: MEMS semiconductor
* Acceleration sensor sampling rate: 200 Hz
* Acceleration range: +/- 18G
* Acceleration resolution: +/- 0.00625G
* Acceleration accuracy: +/- 0.5G
* non-linearity: +/- 1%
* Bandwidth: about 0 ~ 60 Hz
* Trigger range: 0 to 18G (XYZ magnitude)
* Sampling rate: 1 second to 24 hours
* Memory: 4Mbit flash, (85764 total samples or 28588 samples per X, Y, Z axis)
* Battery: 3.6V Lithium battery (NOT included)
* Size: 130mm x 30mm x 25mm
* Weight: about 20g
* Software compatibility: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Vista-64bit, Windows 7, Windows 7-64bit